Feline RDP Wednesday: Empowered Feline


As you can see I have my rightful place. I am the boss, the best, what I say goes. Without my guidance and influence Mrs. Human would be lost. She would not have a purpose in her day. She rises in the morning and her first task of the day is to refill my bowl of water outside with clean water.

She gives me a tummy tickle and empties my recycling tray. She then goes shopping to replenish the supplies of tuna fish. She also buys large packets of “healthy” vitamin pellets. That is overdoing it slightly as tuna fish alone is enough for my needs.

Yes her life revolves around I, me and myself. It is all a matter of a good training. She even had two walls built outside for my new lookout post to ensure that no other felines invade my territory. I have also trained her to protect my property by chasing other felines away.

She recognises my importance and that is all it needs.

“What did you say Mrs. Human? I should hurry with today’s blog, it is late and you want to close the computer?”

There are times when she must learn to have more patience when attending to my wishes, I will have to work on that one.

Feline RDP Wednesday: Empowered Feline