Feline RDP Friday: Feline Slide


“Mrs. Human, I was inspecting my two new walls and have discovered that it has a faulty design.”

“First of all Tabby, they are not you walls, but mine and secondly I find them perfect.”

“Justa small remark Mrs. Human. First of all they are my walls which I allow you to use for your plants in the hope that one day a catnip will be planted and secondly they are not perfect.”

“What is the problem Tabby?”

“It is quite obvious. I have to construct a jump to the top of the walls for my observance post. You forgot to fit a slide on each wall to enable me to walk up and down. It would save energy for me. Jumping up and down is tiring and also a case of human negligence.”

“Tabby I did not have the raised beds constructed for your benefit, but to make life easier for me in the garden.”

“Again the human is full of selfish thoughts. You should really spend more time looking at things from my point of view. When the humans built the walls no consideration was shown for the wishes of a feline. If you had asked me I would have had stone steps constructed on each wall for easy access, but no, I have to quantum mathematics and calculate a jump to arrive in the right place. And imagine the problems I have when leaving the wall. I could sprain a paw, or even lose a claw when I land on the stony surface below. I really would have preferred a bed of soft grass for my landings. It would have been less strain on my body.”

“I thought cats were clever and always land on their four paws when taking a jump.”

“Of course, but it is a question of how we land and who is looking. Imagine if the cat next door saw me losing my balance on the stony surface I now have.”

“Of course Tabby, perhaps I could replace the stones with a nice oriental carpet.”

“Yes, perfect. I will have a look online on my pawpad. Where is your credit card?”

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Slide

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