Feline RDP Saturday: Drenched Feline


“I am annoyed, water is falling from above. This is not the idea, everything is wet. If I go out I will also get wet and wet fur is not the peak of satisfaction. And so I am now trapped inside and I am bored. Mrs. Human entertain me.”

“What shall I do Tabby, shall I throw a ball and you can chase after it.”

“Mrs. Human, my kitten days are gone when I played with balls, or even chased a piece of string. The laser lamps are also nothing new. Playing imaginary games is no longer so amusing. I have an idea. Perhaps you could go out and catch a mouse for me, but a live one. You could let it free in my home and I could find it. That would be fun. It might hide under a cupboard and I could wait for it to appear again and pounce. ”

“That will not work Tabby. I do not know how to catch a mouse or where.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, there is one living in the garden cupboard.”

“Then go and catch it yourself.”

“That doesn’t work. I have come to an agreement with the mouse that I would let him live in the garden cupboard until an emergency occurs.”

“An emergency?”

“Yes like now when it is raining and I am bored. You may now get the mouse and let him loose in the home.”

“Does not come into the question Tabby. I do not want live mice living here.”

“Just one mouse Mrs. Human. After the chase I promised the mouse he could return to the cupboard.”

“Tabby, are you sure you do not want to chase a ball if I throw it.”

“Mrs. Human, forget it.”

“Where are you going Tabby?”

“To have a sleep, perhaps it stops raining afterwards. And don’t forget to put something in the garden cupboard for my pet mouse. I promised him some cheese as a reward for his help.”

“Of course Tabby.”

“Make it enough cheese for two mice, he said something about a wife, the more the merrier.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Drenched Feline

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