Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Home


Home is quite easy to define for a feline. I knew when I engaged Mrs. Human as my personal slave, that it was the right place. Of course I had to establish my ownership at the beginning. There were many disagreements, but I persuaded Mrs. Human that my way is the right way

I remember at the beginning there was a slight misunderstanding about the various rooms she had. She told me that her bedroom was forbidden territory, but after taking ownership of her bed she realised who was the actual feline in charge. I made a concession that she was allowed to place a cover on her bed. It even looked better, although she was talking about cat hairs everywhere. I had to remind her that a home was not a home without traces of cat fur. We are still discussing that point.

As there are wide spaces outside that I have also claimed as my territory I decided not to spray indoors to claim my possession. It would be too much stress for me. I have enough problems when I deposit a hairball in a strategic place. Mrs. Human removes them with her mop. Unfortunately she has no respect for feline artistic creations.

The food problem has still not been solved, but I am working on it. Dry hard vitamin pellets have nothing to do with a homely feeling, they are more an ordeal. Luckily she likes to give me a treat with tuna fish. I do not need treats, I need a stable diet of fish to keep me happy which goes without saying. I am also still working on that one.

I now have my own personal wall outside at last. Mrs. Human likes to pretend that it is her new garden renovation. Actually it was my idea, all done by feline telepathic suggestion, but she is happy when she thinks it is her idea. Humans are the ideal slaves, you just have to manipulate them a little and then you have your ideal home.


Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Home