Feline RDP Thursday: Unaware Feline

Roschti 22.02 (1)

“That was a lot of noise when you entered the cat flap Tabby.”

“I was in a hurry Mrs. Human. I just had a close encounter of the third kind.”

“We have been invaded by extra terrestrial cats?”

“You don’t have to laugh Mrs. Human, it was not funny. As I made one paw step outside, there he was, Roschti my enemy from next door. He was waiting to pounce, to hiss and to scratch. I decided retreat was the best method of defence in this case.”

“But I thought Roschti was your friend.”

“Friend does not exist in meow Mr. Human. It is better to avoid confrontation. I decided you can go outside and scare him away. Just speak in your loud human voice and give him a push in the right direction.”

“Tabby you can fight your own battles.”

“And have a paw fight where I could get injured.”

“You  can perhaps have a sensible talk with him and explain that you do not want him to invade your territory and you will in return not invade his territory.”

“Do what? No Mrs. Human, we do not have discussions, we give instructions. And no way will I agree not to invade his territory, that is against all feline logic.”

“In that case you will have to deal with it yourself.”

“And if I get injured and have to go to the vet for an expensive treatment?”

“Ok Tabby, where is he, I will have a few words with him.”

You see, you just have to apply some feline psychology to solve human problems. Money talks all languages, even meow.

Feline RDP Thursday: Unaware Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Brilliance


“Just look at me: my perfect whiskers, my wonderful fur and my Macdonalds “M” on my forehead. I radiate brilliance, what more can I say. I am the most perfect feline you have ever seen, you must admit it. My fur reflects brilliance, it shines with its beauty. Look at the stripes on my fur, such perfection you see rarely.”

“Ok Tabby, that will do, we all know how brilliant you are.”

“I just wanted to say it. The problem is I am so modest and definitely do not want to show-off, but the subject is brilliance, and let’s face it I am brilliant.”

“In that case show us all what a brilliant feline you are and eat your vitamin pellets like a good cat.”

“Vitamin pellets are beneath my dignity Mrs. Human. If you are something special and unique as I am, then you must be fed with the necessary food, and definitely not vitamin pellets. Salmon, or caviar would be something matching my exclusive qualities.”

“Oh dear Tabby. I was thinking of getting some today, but the shop had already sold the last caviar to a siamese cat.”

“To a what? They are really a lower on the scale of special felines. There is no one as important as a genuine Tabby cat. You should have reserved some caviar for me.”

“Sorry Tabby, all I can manage is a bowl of tuna fish.”

“With the natural juices?”

“Of course Tabby. Only the best for you.”

“Very well then I will partake of some tuna fish, but garnish it with chives on the side.”

“I though you did not eat chives.”

“Of course not, but I look at them. We felines eat with our eyes.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Brilliance

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Walk


“Where are you going Tabby?”

“No panic Mrs. Human, I will be back. I am just doing a territorial inspection

There are smells to be smelt
and movements to be felt
It all has its worth
Things are creeping in the earth
I feel the vibrations
Shaking all foundations
Birds are a flying
I have to do some spying
Open up the cat flap
For my return after a lap
I am taking a  walk
With a feline to talk
He sprayed my land
which was not grand
Never trust a feline
I will give him a sign
and now I return
for a sleep to burn
I dug a hole
and achieved my goal.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Walk

Feline RDP Monday: Vigorous Feline


Just look at me, you can see how exhausted I am. It was a day full of stress, and I can hardly keep my eyes open. It all began this morning when I heard the humans had left their beds. They have it good, they sleep all night. I do not have that luxury. Night is the time for action. I see it all through the window in the garden. There are things that creep outside and I have to keep an eye on them, and the humans just sleep.

Watching is exhausting, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and must admit I compensated afterwards with a few hours sleep – not enough, but it helped. So eventually the humans were awake and I had to wait for Mrs. Human to find the time to fill my outside bowl with fresh water. We felines must always wait, no respect for our superiority. Just when I thought I could at last recover from my fatigue, Mrs. Human cleaned my bowl with the vitamin pellets and refilled it. I know vitamin pellets are the most boring food a feline can eat, but in the morning she puts a fresh layer into the bowl. You know it is like opening a fresh jar of jam for a human breakfast, full of new flavours, and so are the new vitamin pellets. I had to put my relaxing sleep on one side and sample the new flavours of the dish. At last I could sleep, but after eating I had to clean my whiskers and teeth: another interruption, but now was the time and I settled into my bed.

I was exhausted. Now I am awake after sleeping for the last 10 hours, but am still not ready for action. I found a relaxing place on the bathroom carpet which is always nice and warm, but again  I must succumb to sleep. Life is just too vigorous for my daily tasks.  It’s a cat’s life.

Feline RDP Monday: Vigorous Feline

Feline RDP Sunday: Plastic Feline


“Mrs. Human, remove those two objects. They are disturbing my sleep sequence.”

“I found them in your toy box and thought you might want to play with them.”

“What are they – a mouse lookalike? I prefer the real thing.”

“You used to like playing with them when you were a kitten.”

“Do I now look like a kitten? If I want to play with mice I prefer the real thing: blood and bones and all things good for me. Why do humans have to imitate everything. A real live breathing mouse would be much more fun. And those furry plastic freaks do not have the real smell of it. Take them away, or give it to someone with kittens to practice on.”

“But I do not have any real mice Tabby.”

“I am sure you could organise a few on your computer. Oh the delights of a nice fresh juicy mouse.”

“No deal Tabby, I am not supplying you with such sweet little animals only for your bloodthirsty pleasures.”

“And what about you Mrs. Human? You were also enjoying your steak today for lunch, so why can I not also have my juicy bit of meat.”

“Tabby we are not in the jungle, your food arrives nicely paked in bags or in tins and I cook mine first.”

“In the good old days we would go on a hunt and bring the food home.”

“And what if you find nothing? Then there will be nothing to eat.”

“I will think that one over Mrs. Human. In the meanwhile you can open a tin of tuna fish and remove the two plastic furry imitation mice. It would create a bad impression if one of the local felines would see me playing with such baby toys.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Plastic Feline

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Crash


“Tabby do you have something to say to a crash?”

“Who me, Mrs. Human. It is my bed time and I will now be crashing out on my bed. No more time, I only have 23 hours for a sleep and I have to fit the other hour into finding a new sleeping place, having a wash and a meal. Let’s crash another time, when I am awake.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Crash