Feline RDP Thursday: Loose Feline


“Mrs. Human, open the cat flap, I want to go out.”

“But Tabby it is very windy outside and very dark. You could have an accident.”

“Forget it. we felines come and go as we please. This is my sixteenth Winter of battling my way against the leaf soldiers and I have won every time I go out.”

“Tabby I am not talking about leaf soldiers, but branches of trees that could fall and injure you.”

“No problem, we felines have no problems and the trees respect us. I also have my wall to protect me.”

“Even walls can fall and crush you Tabby. Stay at home where it is safe and warm.”

“I am Tabby the brave and am going. It is a far far better thing I am doing now than I have ever done.”

“Tabby, stay here. She has gone, I hope everything goes well for her. Tabby you have returned.”

“I changed my mind, There is water coming from above. My fur will get wet. and will shrink.”

“Your fur will not shrink.”

“I am not so sure. You washed one of you furs, what you call a pullover, and that came out of the machine half the size.”

“That was just a mistake by me Tabby, because I did not look at the washing instructions.”

“So where are the washing instructions for my fur coat?”

Tabby you do not need any, you have your own washing machine at the right temperature, called a tongue.”

“All the same, I decided to come back. Although I am footloose and fancy free, you can never be sure of water falling down.”

“I told you that it would be better to stay at home in this storm.”

“Ok you have covinced me. I hope I am getting compensation for dinner. A nice slice of tuna fish complete with some juice. I like my fish to swim in loose pieces in the bowl.”

Feline RDP Thursday: Loose Feline

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