Feline RDP Friday: Feline Friday


This is my Friday sleep in my comfortable chair, I have been here since this morning. I also have the same sleep the other six days of the week. You see what a boring life I lead. Now and again I shift to another chair to break up the monotony and even Mrs. Human’s bed, but today is Friday, so I chose my Friday chair again. I also slept here last night, in preparation for today’s sleep. Friday sleeping sessions do tend to repeat themselves.

Basically we felines have no Fridays, our calendar does not really have days. The elders in the years gone past tried it, but it did not work. The felines slept and did not know how long they had been sleeping which meant there was confusion about the day when they were again awake. so we decided to abolish the idea. Now we just sleep when the urge takes us which is quite often

Of course there is an eating and washing break, but that is also not a Friday duty, but just when we feel like it. There are tuna fish days now and again, but every day seems to be a vitamin pellet day. Yes, it is a monotonous life being a feline, and now I have another important task.  I must change my sleeping position from North to South to East to West to break the monotony. My whiskers are my compass, that is their purpose.

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Friday