Feline RDP Saturday: Basking Feline


Here I am basking in the sun
Oh what a wonderful feeling
I stretch my paws, absorb it all
Life is so appealing
Then a butterfly flies by my nose
She is so pretty, smells fine
I swipe at her, she cannot fly, and now she is all mine
And so I turn and and relax on my back
A light breeze ruffles the fur
I close my eyes, relax again and then begin to purr
Life is good in the summer months,
When I relax on my shoulders
I am preparing for the fight ahead
When I meant the leafy soldiers
The are waiting above and hiding in trees
waiting for September
But then my basking days are over
The Autumn I remember
Leaf soldiers attack and know no mercy
They tumble on the grass
But I am ready with claws that fight
I am top in the cat class
But now I relax and savour the warmth
I concentrate on the task
It is a hard life being a feline
And now I must train to bask

 Feline RDP Saturday: Basking Feline