Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Parcel


“Mrs. Human, why doesn’t the postman ever bring me a parcel?”

“Tabby cats do not receive parcels from the postman.”

“But you are always receiving parcels.”

“Not always Tabby, and it is usually clothes that I have ordered or perhaps shoes. You do not need clothes Tabby.”

“But there I other things I need, like tuna fish for example.”

“But I buy that in the store Tabby.”

“Perhaps a Versace designed food bowl. You can order that from the computer and it would be delivered by the postman.”

“Tabby if you need anything by post I can order it, and a Versace food bowl is not necessary. The food tastes the same as in your normal stainless steel bowl.”

“But it would look good and all the other felines would be jealous.”

“Forget it Tabby. If you really want a parcel I can wrap up a tin of tuna fish for you in paper, and even tie it with a nice silk band, but it would still taste the same.”

“But you should send it to me by parcel post. and then I could open it. Everyone gets parcels, only me not.”

“Ok Tabby, I will send you a parcel of tuna fish just to make you happy. Who shall I address it to.”

“Miss T, Feline of course.”

“But you are not registered here.”

“Then register me, I also have a right to vote. Everyone should vote, I read it today.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Parcel