Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Holiday


Holiday? I really have no time for a holiday. My feline life is packed with responsibilities. I cannot afford to take a holiday. Who would look after Mrs. Human if I were not here. She is so helpless sometimes and needs a guiding paw to give her instructions.

In the morning when she rises, her first duty is to fill my bowl with fresh food, even if it is only vitamin pallets. The pellets left from yesterday tend to have a stale taste, and need to be pepped up with fresh pellets from the bag. However, she was again ignoring my needs and busy with her own breakfast and making tea. What about me? I have to watch whilst she savours the taste of a freshly made breakfast and look longinly at my half filled bowl awaiting replenishments.

At last she finishes her breakfast and now it was my turn. Forget it, she began to clean rooms that I do not use instead of replacing my No. 1 bowl of water outside on the porch. She knows that is the first place I like to go in the morning to savour the fresh water. I meowed a few times and she was suddenly there. I had my paw in my almost empty bowl and so she filled it. This should be number one on her list of things to do in the morning. And my food bowl? Again she moved on to cleaning the room with her recyling tray. Mine is still waiting to be emptied. Humans can be so self centred. Suddenly she is finished and I see my bowls have been removed. This is the part that gets interesting, because I now have her complete attention, although I am still waiting for them to be filled.

It seems that this process is the last on her list of things to do. She should really have a better organisation in the morning. I ate my breakfast and then had to take a sleep to recover. How can I take a holiday with so much stress?

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Holiday