Feline RDP Monday: Quenching Feline

Tabby having a drink

Drinking water is an art in itself
Just do not lap it up, but let it give wealth
Every drop is savoured, absorbed by the tongue
It is very healthy and helps you stay young
There are many flavours according to the rain
It falls from the sky and lubricates the brain
Let it lay in a puddle and it is supreme
Tastes of nature develop,  a wonderful dream
Do not just slurp and gulp, drink it with style
your taste buds will treasure it and make it worthwhile
Let it lay still and achieve a new stage
It is similar to wine, and matures with its age
I lick from my paw, it refines the good taste
every drop is consumed, there will be no waste
It is not just a quenching of thirst you must know
but revitalising the whiskers, so just let is flow

 Feline RDP Monday: Quenching Feline