Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Broadcast


Good Day felines. This is Radio Meow broadcasting from whisker channel 44 moderated by your one and only Tabby.

And now for the weather.
Stay at home today, the water will be falling from the sky and you will get wet paws and perhaps drag mud into your homes. There will be water lying on the ground, but our experts have discovered that this is an advantage to your water absorbing systems, so it maybe slurped from the puddles it leaves.

There has been a report of birds searching for food on the ground due to the shortage of insects. This is your chance felines. Hide behind a tree or just wait patiently, they will soon come out of their perches and the days of good food will arrive for all. There has been a report that crows are also waiting for the opportunity to pounce, so felines beware and avoid this species. Our food advisors tell us they are too tough to chew in any case.

We must unfortunately report on a fight which occurred on the rooftop yesterday. It seems Tiddles took possession of the highest and best lookout for a moon observation. Butch had already had his eyes on this posiion and there was a disagreement. However the human breed was disturbed by the howls and hisses and arrived with a pail of cold water, drenching both cats. They both survived and there are rumours that they will meet tomorrow afternoon for a final countdown to see whose claim on the rooftop will be achieved.  For those wishing to attend the occasion, there are still places available on the surrounding rooftops. You may place your bets by a paw in at our radio station. Only vitamin pellets are accepted.

The National feline choir will be meeting for a practice tomorrow evening. There are still vacant positions for baritone voices. It seems we have far too many high meowers at the moment.

And now for some light entertainment to end todays report. I am sure it will be enjoyed by all. Perhaps your humans may not be so interested.

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Broadcast