Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Advice


Take my advice kittens, if your 9 lives become too much for you, and the permanent bother of human hands giving tummy tickles are too much, just curl up somewhere quiet, close your eyes and sleep. It is easily done. We felines are experts. Ignore any external noise or movements, we can do it. Just float on a level above and use your telepathic influence to focus on any alterations in the surrounding atmosphere. Perhaps you might feel the movement of a mouse in the next house or in a field, but it can wait.

There is only one important moment in your sleep. When a tin of tuna fish is opened, the smell will develop and your senses will be awakened. You will hear the sound of the tin opener and feel its vibrations in the air. Such are the signals we need. So we meet at the food bowl together, drooling and waiting. And when the feast has been sampled, we retire again to our various peaceful cushions, remembering the delights sampled. Yes, a feline life is a hard life, but always be prepared to eat. Heed my advice. And do not forget the famous advice of the feline poet, Tiddles William Shakesspeare: if meows be the food of felines, eat on until there is none left.

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Advice

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