Feline RDP Thursday: Grateful Feline


Gratitude? It does not exist in meow. Of course Mrs. Human is eternally grateful that I chose her home to make myself comfortable. She would have no purpose in her human life without me. Who could she feed otherwise and care for? She has tears of gratitude every time I use my litter box, not to mention the satisfaction she has from opening every tin of tuna fish.

And when I produce a hairball. She almosts rejoices that I can do something so individual. She cries with delight when she finds the traces on the carpet and she bows down on her hands and knees to wipe it away, although I am very understanding. I tell her not to bother: a hairball is the fulfilment of my feline way of being.

So what is there to be grateful about? Nothing really. Life revolves around I, me and myself and everything else is just complementary. I am the most important here. It was even said by a human “Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat” which just about sums it up. And now I will retire to a well earned sleep, life can be so exhausting. A feline does not have anything to say about gratitude, it is the others that are grateful that we exist. “Mrs. Human prepare my cushion for a sleep.”

Feline RDP Thursday: Grateful Feline

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