Feline RDP Sunday: Plastic Feline


“Mrs. Human, remove those two objects. They are disturbing my sleep sequence.”

“I found them in your toy box and thought you might want to play with them.”

“What are they – a mouse lookalike? I prefer the real thing.”

“You used to like playing with them when you were a kitten.”

“Do I now look like a kitten? If I want to play with mice I prefer the real thing: blood and bones and all things good for me. Why do humans have to imitate everything. A real live breathing mouse would be much more fun. And those furry plastic freaks do not have the real smell of it. Take them away, or give it to someone with kittens to practice on.”

“But I do not have any real mice Tabby.”

“I am sure you could organise a few on your computer. Oh the delights of a nice fresh juicy mouse.”

“No deal Tabby, I am not supplying you with such sweet little animals only for your bloodthirsty pleasures.”

“And what about you Mrs. Human? You were also enjoying your steak today for lunch, so why can I not also have my juicy bit of meat.”

“Tabby we are not in the jungle, your food arrives nicely paked in bags or in tins and I cook mine first.”

“In the good old days we would go on a hunt and bring the food home.”

“And what if you find nothing? Then there will be nothing to eat.”

“I will think that one over Mrs. Human. In the meanwhile you can open a tin of tuna fish and remove the two plastic furry imitation mice. It would create a bad impression if one of the local felines would see me playing with such baby toys.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Plastic Feline