Feline RDP Monday: Vigorous Feline


Just look at me, you can see how exhausted I am. It was a day full of stress, and I can hardly keep my eyes open. It all began this morning when I heard the humans had left their beds. They have it good, they sleep all night. I do not have that luxury. Night is the time for action. I see it all through the window in the garden. There are things that creep outside and I have to keep an eye on them, and the humans just sleep.

Watching is exhausting, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and must admit I compensated afterwards with a few hours sleep – not enough, but it helped. So eventually the humans were awake and I had to wait for Mrs. Human to find the time to fill my outside bowl with fresh water. We felines must always wait, no respect for our superiority. Just when I thought I could at last recover from my fatigue, Mrs. Human cleaned my bowl with the vitamin pellets and refilled it. I know vitamin pellets are the most boring food a feline can eat, but in the morning she puts a fresh layer into the bowl. You know it is like opening a fresh jar of jam for a human breakfast, full of new flavours, and so are the new vitamin pellets. I had to put my relaxing sleep on one side and sample the new flavours of the dish. At last I could sleep, but after eating I had to clean my whiskers and teeth: another interruption, but now was the time and I settled into my bed.

I was exhausted. Now I am awake after sleeping for the last 10 hours, but am still not ready for action. I found a relaxing place on the bathroom carpet which is always nice and warm, but again  I must succumb to sleep. Life is just too vigorous for my daily tasks.  It’s a cat’s life.

Feline RDP Monday: Vigorous Feline

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