Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Brilliance


“Just look at me: my perfect whiskers, my wonderful fur and my Macdonalds “M” on my forehead. I radiate brilliance, what more can I say. I am the most perfect feline you have ever seen, you must admit it. My fur reflects brilliance, it shines with its beauty. Look at the stripes on my fur, such perfection you see rarely.”

“Ok Tabby, that will do, we all know how brilliant you are.”

“I just wanted to say it. The problem is I am so modest and definitely do not want to show-off, but the subject is brilliance, and let’s face it I am brilliant.”

“In that case show us all what a brilliant feline you are and eat your vitamin pellets like a good cat.”

“Vitamin pellets are beneath my dignity Mrs. Human. If you are something special and unique as I am, then you must be fed with the necessary food, and definitely not vitamin pellets. Salmon, or caviar would be something matching my exclusive qualities.”

“Oh dear Tabby. I was thinking of getting some today, but the shop had already sold the last caviar to a siamese cat.”

“To a what? They are really a lower on the scale of special felines. There is no one as important as a genuine Tabby cat. You should have reserved some caviar for me.”

“Sorry Tabby, all I can manage is a bowl of tuna fish.”

“With the natural juices?”

“Of course Tabby. Only the best for you.”

“Very well then I will partake of some tuna fish, but garnish it with chives on the side.”

“I though you did not eat chives.”

“Of course not, but I look at them. We felines eat with our eyes.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Brilliance

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