Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Friendship


“No, Mrs. Human, I am not in a friendly mood and have no friends. We felines are the organisers, the logistic experts, and have no time for such silly ideas of having friends. We are far too busy organising our feline lives and friends would only complicate the whole thing. How can you relax and enjoy a sleep if you know there are other felines watching.”

“But Tabby, I am your friend.”

“Shhh Mrs. Human, don’t say that too loud, another cat might hear you and then my reputation as the master feline would be ruined. Felines do not have human friends, only slaves. ¬†We superior felines, like myself, so not have or need friends. You cannot trust another feline and when your whiskers are turned they pounce on your territory, might even steal your hairballs and claim them as their own. We do not go for walks paw in paw together Mrs. Human. The only time we get together is to have a paw fight, and only the strongest are left standing. Friendship does not exist in meow, and if you talk to a feline about friendship he would be confused and not understand what it is. And now serve me something good to eat to put me in a good mood. All this talk about friendship is disturbing and I need something to calm me down.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Friendship