Feline RDP Thursday: Non-Putrescent Feline


Needless to purr, I changed the title
Keeping clean and pure is for felines vital
I lick my coat at least ten times a day
Not to mention ears and paws, and I do not play
My tongue is the tool that I need to use
I am cleaning my paw, no time to lose
You’re surprised to know what I find in my fur
There are things that move, when I lick them they stir
On the summer days, I might find a tic
Mrs. Human complains, dispelled with a lick
I do not smell, my breath is sweet
When I walk lotus flower appear so neat
I have my very own recycling tray
It smells like roses, fresh in a bouquet
And then there are humans where smells arose
I just ignore it and hold my nose

Feline RDP Thursday: Non-Putrescent Feline

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