Feline RDP Saturday: Squatting Feline


Of course I can squat. Squatting is a past time for all felines. It is a comfortable position to keep an eye on your surroundings.

If you see your humans eating food that should by rights be yours, then squat and watch them intensely. It gives them a so-called guilty conscience, which is an expression that only exists in the human language. We have no need for being guilty about anything in meow because we are so perfect. Just stare at your humans and they will get the impression that they are doing something wrong. Eventually some food samples will be passed onto you, although I must complain. Mrs. Human just throws it on the floor, how brutal. I would prefer it served in a bowl. She has the impression that we felines have no feelings for the finesse of eating. Although I must admit, if the food suits my appetite I eat it all the same. It might otherwise give her ideas that I do not like it.

Every time she gives me from her dish her first words are “don’t be fussy and eat it”. This is because I do not pounce on the food when it arrives. We felines like to preserve a little dignity and show the human that we are not food slaves (although we are).

Actually I squat in most places. It is an alternative to the sleeping position. I even squat in my recycling tray and also when I produce hairballs. Yes, it is an important position  in the feline way of life.

Feline RDP Saturday: Squatting Feline

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