Feline RDP Monday: Resplendent Feline


Now you see me, now you do not
Here I am in my usual slot
I am always resplendent, no matter what I do
Today I greet you with my customary mew
Now it is Catmas, Santa Feline will be here
Bringing bowls of salmon and other Catmas cheer
I do not ask for gifts, expensive not my goal
Although food is better from a Versace designed bowl
My diamond studied cat flap might be on its way
I have been waiting for many years, much to my dismay
But Santa Feline knows that I am a pefect cat
Water and tuna is ready, and we will have a chat

Meowing my best to all my fans across the feline world, how lucky you are to have me. Wishing all a happy Catmas

Feline RDP Monday: Resplendent Feline</a>

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