Feline RDP Friday: Feline Cottage


Wo needs a cottage when you have a wall. Walls are comfortable and offer everything a feline needs. You can sit on it, climb up and down and even talk to it. If it rains you can even drink the water collecting in the cracks and on the surface. You see what is happening surrounding your wall and do not forget walls have ears, and they tell you everything that is happening. There will be no unwelcome visitors, because every wall has its chosen feline and visitors are kept out.

My wall is faithful to my needs. I even have space to dig and cover what I might leave in the places where I dig. My perfume is everywhere. Who needs a cottage. Just plant a wall next to your living quarters and your territory will be safe from any intruders. The wall is your protector. It might rain or storm, the winds will blow but the wall remains and protects what is yours. Who pays for the wall? The humans of course, so do not believe them when they tell you that the felines have to pay themselves. It is all fake news. Humans build the walls according to the feline specifications and they pay for it, stone by stone and brick by brick.

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Cottage

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