Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Camouflage


Oh it’s white outside, I think I will stay in
With my Tabby colours they will see my skin
If I was a white feline, I would melt in the snow
The others would not see me, places I could go
But now it is cold outside, and I will stay at home
Snow is really not my thing, I decided not to roam
I tried snow walking, but found it froze my paws
Although I found it good to eat, and did not freeze my jaws
And so I sit before the window and wait for it to change
Spring cannot be so far away, and that is more my range

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Camouflage

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Wanderlust


This morning I wandered to my water bowl, it was outside on the porch
It was still quite dark outside, but I did not need a torch
My eyes see everything whether in the night or day
Mrs. Human filled my bowl, my wish I did convey
This was a strenuous  wander, all my legs were feeling tired
And so I wandered to my bed, sleep was now required
Afterwards when I awoke, my tongue wandered for fur lick
I really did not feel so fresh, and needed a wakening kick
Again I put my wander paws on and walked to my food bowl
It was time to tank some energy, and food was now my goal
This was an exhausting walk, I returned to have a sleep
Another wander to my bed, I was now out on my feet
Life can be so tiring, with all the tasks and work
And now I had to examine my territory, felines on the lurk
I now collapsed onto my bed, this brings me all asunder
Tomorrow is another day, if not too tired I will  wander

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Wanderlust

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Balance


“Tabby you look quite annoyed.”

“What do you expect after the insults I was subjected to this afternoon.”

“But I thought you would like a little excursion outside, seeing other places.”

“The vet is not exactly full of new experiences. Look at me now. I have an empty right front leg.”

“Rubbish Tabby, it looks the same as ever.”

“It might look the same, but certainly doesn’t feel the same. Did you see what she did. She stuck a needle attached to a tube in my leg and drained it. All the blood has been removed from that leg.”

“But it has already replaced itself. And it is for your own good. The vet found for a 16 year old lady you should have a medical check up to see that everything is functioning well.”

“I was functioning perfectly until she drained my leg: not to mentioned my claws. I had been sharpening them nicely to fine points, and she shortens them. How am I supposed to make a scratch in my enemies, even a tree, not to mention the furniture. I am now only half a feline.”

“Tabby they will grow again.”

“What about my ears?”

“The vet said you ears are in perfect condition.”

“I could have told her that myself. She did not have to prod around inside and look with her lamp. I was just an experimental object for her. And what about the jabs in my private parts. The same embarrassing experiments every year.”

“But now it is finished for another year.”

“For a year. You mean I have to suffer again in a year. And the white cloth stripe she tied around my leg.?”

“But you removed it as soon as we arrived home.”

“Of course I did, although I was lucky. I though my leg might fall off after I removed it.”

“It was only to stop your leg bleeding. Tabby what is wrong?”

“I have to recover. I hate seeing blood, I lose my balance.”

“But you often see blood when you kill a mouse or even a bird.”

“I know, but that is not my own personal blood.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Balance

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Notes


“Tabby could you perhaps retract your claws. I do not see any enemies here.”

“I was just practicing Mrs. Human to see if they are sharp enough.”

“Sharp enough for what?”

“I thought I would go outside and leave a few messages on the trees to show who is in charge here.”

“As long as you do not leave your scratches on my furniture.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I did that some time ago, and you did not even notice. That is the problem with my notes, they fade after a while. I could of course refresh them. You would definitely feel safer.”

“No thankyou Tabby. Thanks for the offer, but I feel safe enough without any additional cat scratches on the furniture.”

“But as  a unique speciality of the day, I could make a few ornamental scratches with curves.”

“Just go outside and carve a few signs in the trees, I am sure that would do the job nicely.”

“I could spray the apartment as well to give it a unique flavour.”

“Tabby go and spray and scratch outside, this is my territory.”

“Only because I let you have it, rent free with a tuna fish supplement and service included. Are you sure you do not want a free spray? It would really add something special to the home.”

“Tabby outside.”

“OK, just asking.”

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Notes

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Flight

Tabby 15.06 (5)

Summer in the garden really gives me a thrill
I love to watch the birds fly, and I move in for the kill
When they are not looking and singing off their beak
That is when I pounce but they often start to squeak
I am suspended in mid air with claws completely drawn
And then they all fly away and I land on the lawn
I must be doing something wrong, perhaps I should be still
Sleek up more quietly, the purpose to fulfil
And now I am ready to pounce and also to devour
But now there is disturbance, Mrs. Human on the lauer
She is a real spoilsport and warns the birds to fly
Again my attempts are foiled, it really makes me cry
Why do humans eat chickens, it is just a bigger bird
I am satisfied with sparrows, so I hunt still undeterred

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Flight

Feline RDP Saturday: Frosted Feline

Ice on the water

This is my bowl of water in the morning, there is ice on top, frozen solid
It is more than just a little frosted, it is even looking squalid
Of course I give my commands and order the human to act
She goes outside immediately, wearing her nightdress, it is a fact
She has no time to lose, I must have my daily drink
She must take the bowl inside and wash it in the sink
And then she goes again in the cold, and fills it for the day
I have got her very well trained, she does it without a delay
She complains that it is cold outside, but she does it all for me
It is her purpose in life, for everyone to see


Now she goes inside, because she outside is not so bright
I test the water with my paw, to ensure that it is right
She leaves me with the telephone to call if something is wrong
Yes I have her well trained, she always tags along

Feline RDP Saturday: Frosted Feline

Feline FDP Friday: Feline Forecast


If it’s raining cats and dogs, I prefer to stay at home
Being outside is dangerous, I might get hit by a bone
The dogs can be quite careless and throw them from the sky
Their fur begins to drip and the rain falls in my eye
We felines are more careful and just do a pitter patter
I have not yet been required, one day it will really matter
Each cat takes it turn to rain down on us all
We wait for our time for when we get our call
And then we stand to attention and let it rain in drops
We are very careful how we do it and let it go in plops
So the next time it rains, it’s not dogs and cats together
We both have our own style, according to the weather

Feline FDP Friday: Feline Forecast

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Vagrants


Who me a vagrant, no not I
Keeping to the spaces, that I see with my eye
This territory is mine and I spray it every day
I have to set priorities and keep the tramps away
There is always a feline watching to take over my plot
If he prepares to take over,  I give him a swot
The neighbourhood feline is planning on my land
With a hiss and a show of claws his presence is regularly banned
So stay away you vagrants, you are discovered by your smell
I defend my walls and land and am ready to repel
And when I might be sleeping, which is a common event
My humans will be watching, they are my supplement

Feline RDP Thursday: Vagrant

Feline RDP Wednesday: Immersed Feline


“There you are Tabby, under the bathroom cupboard. I was searching everywhere.”

“And now you have found me. I wanted to get away from it all, have a few minutes to myself. We felines need some me time now and again to immerse ourselves in our thoughts.”

“Of course Tabby, I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Then leave me to myself. I was meditating.”

“What was you meditating about.”

“That is feline business, planning my next moves.”

“And you can only do that if you hide under the bathroom cabinet?”

“I thought it would be a good idea for some peace and quiet, but my concentration has been disturbed. I cannot have five minutes peace without a human disturbing me with silly questions and poking a telephone camera at me to take a photo to show everyone. My thought process has now been disturbed.”

“But I was worried where you were.”

“Mrs. Human it is cold enough outside to freeze off my claws and so I remain indoors. It is not as if I can journey to the end of the world. And now you have disturbed me. I was just calculating the axis of my paws in relation to jumping on a table with the application of the differential of my whiskers, applying a quantum mathematical solution  combined with the equation of Catagorus, taking into the consideration of a right angled whisker.”

“That sounds very technical Tabby.”

“No problem for a feline of the 5th life.”

“In that case I will leave you to solve your problem.”

“At last she has gone. I do not have a problem, at least I did not until she decided to look for me. Nothing that a good four hour sleep cannot solve.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Immersed Feline

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Angle


It varies on the angle how you look at all your lives
I had nine angles, but now only have high fives
Four were lost in a moment of not taking care
But I am still quite happy, still having five to spare
We felines are short sighted, see nothing before our nose
It is all so very blurred, depends where the wind blows
If it is tuna fish that Mrs.Human has served
I smell it when she opens the tin and so I am not nerved
When a bird flies up on a tree, I can focus very well
The problem is I am getting older and my legs are no longer so swell
But why chase a bird, that always  fly away
Mrs. Human serves me chicken to keep my hunger at bay
Angles here and angles there, I am no mathematician
Life consists of eating and sleeping and that is my sole mission

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Angle