Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Anticipation


I do not anticipate anything. I always get what I want, no doubt about it. If I do not get what I want, I throw a fit, a tantrum. I hiss and snarl and it is better not to cross my paw path whilst I am doing it. This always works with the exception of the curse of the dehydrated vitamin pellets that I am constantly being served in my food bowl. However, I am working one that one. It seems that the many vitamin pelleted hairballs have not worked as they should. Mrs. Human just throws them in the garbage, no respect for my creative talents.

Mrs. Human is convinced that they are healthy and good for me. I know what is good for me. Tuna fish is the only healthy food I know and I mean the real thing, and not just a flavour. She tells me that the vitamin pellets are made with tuna – no way. Tuna swims and breathes. It is not a hard crunching mass. Pellets are a dead mass, they never lived or breathed. The only good food is dead food, killed by the paw. Β I am sure all felines would agree.

I rest my case. Do not anticipate, but take action and defend your rights.

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Anticipation

2 thoughts on “Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Anticipation

  1. I feel exactly the same Tabby did we get vitamin pellets all those years ago? No. Were we still if not more healthy and energetic? Definitely. I vote No More Vitamin Tablets. xπŸ˜»πŸ’œπŸΎπŸΎπŸŸπŸ€πŸ“πŸŸπŸ‘

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