Feline RDP Sunday Fill-in: Feline Partner


“Sleeping again Tabby?”

“What’s that supposed to mean Mrs. Human? As if I was sleeping all day.”

“Well, most of the day.”

“I need my sleep Mrs. Human and you sleep all night. We just have a different programme to humans. We sleep to renew our brain cells, ready for the daily challenges and humans have no need to renew something they do not have.”

“Of course I have brain cells. What challenges?”

“Human brain cells die and are not renewed afterwards. I have many challenges Mrs. Human. Washing, eating and drinking and human training.”

“I did not realise that I was a challenge. I thought we were partners.”

“No way. Felines do not do partnerships, it is one for me and me for one.”

“But your mum must have had a partner otherwise you would not have been born.”

“Oh yes she had partners, but he lost count how many and they were not really partners: just a feline pastime. Her partners never really stayed around for long, it was mainly hello and goodbye and not even a goodbye. She just told them to get lost afterwards.”

“What about your dad?”

“What about him. No idea, it could be any tom cat. I would not even recognise him.”

“You mean that felines do not stay together forever.”

“For nine lives? I don’t think even humans would manage that one, although they are not as versatile as we felines. So enough of this talk, serve something to eat.”

“We say please Tabby.”

“Sorry, doesn’t exist in meow.”

“Seems to be a very minimal language.”

“Actions speak louder than words Mrs. Human. And don’t forget to garnish my dish with some tarragon.”

“I didn’t think felines ate herbs.”

“We don’t, but we also eat with the eyes and the food looks better.”

Feline RDP Sunday Fill-in: Feline Partner