Feline RDP Monday: Lumbering Feline


I am so tired, I dropped onto the bed and here I stay. It was hard work this morning. First of all I awoke and had one of my daily washes. That was an exhausting piece of work. In had to lick every piece of fur on my luxury body, from the bottom to the top. The most difficult parts are behind the ears and the nose as my tongue is not long enough. Luckily I have my two front paws, but again it is strenuous. I must lick the paws and hope that they do not dry out when I need them to clean the surfaces of my nose and ears. It all has to be planned with the various approach angles and surface coverage. A question of feline quantum mathematics.

As if this was not enough work, I then dragged myself to my food bowl and what did I find? Yes, the same old vitamin pellets, although I demanded from Mrs. Human that she added a fresh supply. The fresh ones have a definitely more inviting taste. Mrs. Human says it is something to do with the bait (whatever that is) that is added to the pellets to make them more appetising. Unfortunately this bait thing only lasts as long as they are fresh, but they are a little more appetising. Mrs. Human said that she could not leave tuna fish in the dish as it would dry up and no longer be fit for consumption. She should ask me first, I am the expert.

I was now really exhausted and decided another sleeping session of 4-5 hours was what I needed, but first of all I had to make a territorial inspection. I have noticed lately that others have been sampling my water in the morning.


I have my suspicions, and if I were not so tired, I would challenge the culprit to a paw fight, but it seems he was also sleeping.

I eventually collapsed into my cushion and decided that I must now lumber into my favourite sleeping position. I made a New Year’s Resolution that I would be more active this year and no longer sleep so much, but decided to postpone it until next year.

Feline RDP Monday: Lumbering Feline