Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Crepitus


“Tabby you are sleeping your life away.”

“Which life Mrs. Human?”

“The one you are living of course.”

“That is not so easy, because I live my nine lives, less the four I have already lost, simultaneously. It saves time and helps to preserve them longer.”

“Oh, I see, we humans are not so clever as the felines.”

“Doesn’t matter Mrs. Human, I have learned to cope with the human deficiencies. And now I must concentrate, I do not want to miss anything.”

“What do you not want to miss?”

“My claws of course, they are growing and I can hear them growing with their clicks and clacks. I must help them to expand in the correct direction. Ingrown claws are not so good. I need something to grip. Ah yes, that is ideal, a table leg.”

“But not my table leg Tabby. I do not like scratch marks on the wood.”

“You cannot expect me to go out into the cold wet weather, just for a few claw exercises.”

“It would not do you any harm to get some fresh air Tabby. I am sure your claws will grow just as well outside.”

“But not so perfectly. And now for a stretch to get my body parts synchronised. It is all part of my training programme to keep fit.”

“I see, but now you are returning to the sleeping position.”

“Of course, exercising time is finished for today. I must now recover from the exertions. I will continue tomorrow with the whisker growing programme. Yes, a feline life is very exhausting.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Crepitus</a> 

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