Feline RDP Wednesday: Ebullient Feline


“Tabby sleeping again? Not ver ebullient today. ”

“Mrs. Human what else am I supposed to do: a song and a dance? Look outside. See that white stuff laying around everywhere. It is cold, it will attack my paws and they will freeze. I do not know what ebullient means, but if you can eat it, then why not.”

“It means full of life and happiness. But you must admit the snow looks very pretty.”

“Pretty does not exist in meow Mrs. Human and snow is not edible. Either it is inviting or not and the snow is not telling me to come and play. It is telling me to stay where I am on a comfortable chair. Even the birds have deserted the bird house, they have decided to stay up in the trees. As I am a feline, I decided to stay in my warm home where there is food and comfort and a human to see to my needs. And talking about that Mrs. Human, I would appreciate a nice plate of tuna fish.”

“I am sure you would Tabby, but you have a nice bowl full of vitamin pellets waiting to be eaten.”

“Oh, of course, I almost forgot. You mean those hard tasteless lumps, only fit for the production of hairballs. They bind the hairs so nicely.  I want real food, something tasty that once belonged to a living object and not the product of a machine. There is no such thing as a pellet animal, it is all so artificial.  And now leave me to sleep, at least I can dream of real food, even if I do not get any. Tell me when the snow goes away and I might take a few steps outside. I am not going anywhere in snow, the flakes fall from the sky, they could kill me.”

“Tabby no-one has ever been killed by a snow flake.”

“There is always the first time for everything. I could go into the feline history books as the first cat killed by a snowflake.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Ebullient Feline