Feine RDP Friday: Feline Letter


Sending letters with meows and hisses
Are not so feline and we do no do kisses
I might spray a sign to show that I was there
It also proves my possession and for that I care
My territory has boundaries, all marked with my sign
Just to warn the other cats, that it is mine all mine
Now and again I scratch a sign and might even make a lick
And sometimes leave a message, in a feline hieroglyphic
We do not write any letters, we do not bother to read
I stare at the feline and then we fight to succeed
I can also apply telepathy  to a cat quite far away
That would be a pen pal, who does not need to stay
Yes we felines are not social, we avoid contact where we can
But lead a happy life, we have our feline plan

Feine RDP Friday: Feline Letter