Feine RDP Friday: Feline Letter


Sending letters with meows and hisses
Are not so feline and we do no do kisses
I might spray a sign to show that I was there
It also proves my possession and for that I care
My territory has boundaries, all marked with my sign
Just to warn the other cats, that it is mine all mine
Now and again I scratch a sign and might even make a lick
And sometimes leave a message, in a feline hieroglyphic
We do not write any letters, we do not bother to read
I stare at the feline and then we fight to succeed
I can also apply telepathy  to a cat quite far away
That would be a pen pal, who does not need to stay
Yes we felines are not social, we avoid contact where we can
But lead a happy life, we have our feline plan

Feine RDP Friday: Feline Letter

8 thoughts on “Feine RDP Friday: Feline Letter

  1. Lots of cats use telepathy. I had one that always read my mind, always knew when I was going to take him to the vet or shove antibiotics down his throat. And most cats don’t kiss, but my Amiga licks my face and arms constantly. The territory dispute is always there, spraying, thinking every inch of the house and yard is theirs. I had a huge cat that used to terrorize other cats in the yard so badly, they disappeared from the yard, went to the neighbors’ yards or whatever. He was king of the yard. His, only his.

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