Feline RDP Saturday: Feline River


The feline river is for drinking and it arrives in a bowl that Mrs. Human fills for me in the morning and evening. It is my own private river, more than a river, an ocean. When you drink the water you are drinking the flavours of its life. I savour every drop of the air it breathes and the places where it has been. The best water is the one that falls from the clouds as it captures the flavours of the earth when it is falling. I watch it arriving and I pounce when it is no longer falling to capture all the flavours it brings.

I prefer the water from the ground, as it has then settled and is not threat to falling on my head. I like it fresh and cold, but sometimes older water develops a special taste, you can compare it to human wine. It has that certain flavour that cannot be described in words. Yes, we felines are the connoisseurs of water flavours.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline River