Feline RDP Sunday: Timely Feline


It’s a feeling I have in my whiskers to know what is the hour
In the early morning hours, I must wake Mrs. Human with meow
She does not react, although I sing before her door
I think she is still sleeping, and so I meow some more
Eventually she appears, to fill some water in my bowl
That is her first duty, she complains so I must exert control
And now I have to sleep to recover from exertions of the night
Everything has its time, I must plan my day so right
Time is not needed, for that I have my slave
Mrs. Human must pay attention but I taught her how to behave
Just a nod and a paw swipe shows her what to do
To clean my recycling tray is a duty that is due
Then she serves my food, perhaps a bowl of fish
I give instructions what I need and she prepares the dish
And now I am exhausted with so much organisation
But I must pay attention and keep Mrs. Human at her station
Yes the life of a feline is oh so very tiring
Training Mrs. Human is not so very aspiring
But my choice is very narrow, a matter of the time
I have to pay attention to keep it all online

Feline RDP Sunday: Timely Feline

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