Feline RDP Monday: Vital Feline


And another day in my territory. What shall I do today? Something exciting, something completely different. I will have to think this over. I have only just finished a sleeping session, although perhaps an addtional few more hours just to be sure. No, I will explore the wilderness outside. I need my exercise and some fresh air. I see my bowl full of water. That would be a good beginning, a few refreshing drops clear the whiskers and the mind.

And now to move on to my food bowl. The same vitamin pellets, Mrs. Human could really use her imagination for something different. Perhaps she will be eating her ham this evening, always good for an alternative. Perhaps not vital to my existence, but it tastes good. And now the great decision. Shall I visit my territory? Perhaps the feline next door is also patrolling and there is the possibility of a paw swipe. We do not always see whisker to whisker on territorial rights. I think I will stay indoors. It looks so comfortable on the armchair and my nice soft blanket is calling me to relax and take it easy.

OK, decision made. You must always chose the vital aspects of life. See you in a few hours, sleep is calling.

Feline RDP Monday: Vital Feline