Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Quest


I lost a life some time ago
Just listen to my tale of woe
Actually I had nine lives
But now only five survives
One I left with the cat next door
We had a fight and I used my paw
He gave me a push and hissed a lot
One life was gone, an unlucky shot
And then I decided to jump from a wall
Someone pushed me and I did a sprawl
Another life got lost, I do not know where
That is my quest, I think I left it in a chair
The fourth life was choking on a hair ball
I almost suffocated, that was my downfall
But now I have five and will keep them secure
I am not getting younger, will keep them for sure
Although Bastet says she will let me know when
If nine lives are gone, we will get number ten
A life in the chambers full of mice to catch
All for the eating, what a wonderful dispatch

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Quest

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