Feline RDP Friday: Feline Chore


Chores? Of course I have chores. Life is one big chore. Mrs. Human has to be instructed to keep my food bowl filled. She must check my water supply regularly to ensure that is is fresh. Every hour she should examine my litter box and fill it with new material. I hate litter boxes that remind me of the daily food.

When I have finished these important exhausting tasks of organising my human I must relax and take it easy. I have to regain my energy to continue with the other important tasks of the day. It is now time for a sleep. Again I must organise Mrs. Human not to make any unnecessary noise that might wake me. A feline must have peace and quiet to relax and recover from the daily exertions. My head is spinning from issuing the various commands to the human. If only humans realised how hard it is to be a feline with responsibilities. They have such an easy job.

And then there are the continuous washing sessions. Licking paws and keeping the fur free of any unwanted objects. Fur ball production is also very strenuous. Eventually I collapse exhausted.

Yes it’s a cat’s life and we have nine of them (less those that have been lost on the way) to tend to. This magnifies the work involved. And now I must go. I will be back in 4 hours when I again must have a good lick and eat, oh the daily stress. ┬áBefore I go I must just check to see if Mrs. Human has understood my instructions for the day. I cannot have her sleeping on the job. A happy, satisfied feline depends on the human being present 24/7.

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Chore