Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Pet

Marcel and Tabby

What can I say? Pet?, no not me. Felines I can only advise that each adopt a human pet. As they often come in pairs, then adopt both of them. This secures that you will have full attention for your needs. If the Mrs. Human is busy, then the Mr. Human always has time for a tummy tickle or a reassuring touch.

Humans have their uses. They feed you and make sure that there is always a full food bowl. However, you must show them the necessary food. They are convinced that you need something healthy and “good for you”, but unfortunately their brain development is a little on one track. They serve vitamin pellets because the have all the necessary ingredients that a cat needs, they think. This is naturally wrong, and you must convince them that tuna fish is the solution to our needs. Try it with telepathy. The human brain is a little behind with such developments, but with a little training they get the idea.

If your human does not pay full attention to emptying your tray, the solution is easy. Do not use the tray, refuse, strike. They soon get the meaning when they find your deposits in the wrong places. Feeling lonely in the night because humans tend to sleep? No problem. Just scratch at their bedroom door for a while and sing a little meow song. They Β will definitely worry about you and you will have company.

I would not exactly describe a human as a pet, more a necessary plus in the life of a feline. If you train them well, you can have a comfortable life as we deserve. And make sure there are at least 2-3 various sleeping places. I would recommend the human bed.

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Pet

8 thoughts on “Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Pet

  1. Such great information, Tabby. My humans tell me our dry kibble is ‘what the veterinarians recommend for their own cats.’ To which we say, “Have you talked to their cats?” I think not.–Parker and Piper.

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