Feline RDP Saturday: Frosted Feline

Ice on the water

This is my bowl of water in the morning, there is ice on top, frozen solid
It is more than just a little frosted, it is even looking squalid
Of course I give my commands and order the human to act
She goes outside immediately, wearing her nightdress, it is a fact
She has no time to lose, I must have my daily drink
She must take the bowl inside and wash it in the sink
And then she goes again in the cold, and fills it for the day
I have got her very well trained, she does it without a delay
She complains that it is cold outside, but she does it all for me
It is her purpose in life, for everyone to see


Now she goes inside, because she outside is not so bright
I test the water with my paw, to ensure that it is right
She leaves me with the telephone to call if something is wrong
Yes I have her well trained, she always tags along

Feline RDP Saturday: Frosted Feline