Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Flight

Tabby 15.06 (5)

Summer in the garden really gives me a thrill
I love to watch the birds fly, and I move in for the kill
When they are not looking and singing off their beak
That is when I pounce but they often start to squeak
I am suspended in mid air with claws completely drawn
And then they all fly away and I land on the lawn
I must be doing something wrong, perhaps I should be still
Sleek up more quietly, the purpose to fulfil
And now I am ready to pounce and also to devour
But now there is disturbance, Mrs. Human on the lauer
She is a real spoilsport and warns the birds to fly
Again my attempts are foiled, it really makes me cry
Why do humans eat chickens, it is just a bigger bird
I am satisfied with sparrows, so I hunt still undeterred

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Flight

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