Feline RDP Monday: Feline Notes


“Tabby could you perhaps retract your claws. I do not see any enemies here.”

“I was just practicing Mrs. Human to see if they are sharp enough.”

“Sharp enough for what?”

“I thought I would go outside and leave a few messages on the trees to show who is in charge here.”

“As long as you do not leave your scratches on my furniture.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I did that some time ago, and you did not even notice. That is the problem with my notes, they fade after a while. I could of course refresh them. You would definitely feel safer.”

“No thankyou Tabby. Thanks for the offer, but I feel safe enough without any additional cat scratches on the furniture.”

“But as  a unique speciality of the day, I could make a few ornamental scratches with curves.”

“Just go outside and carve a few signs in the trees, I am sure that would do the job nicely.”

“I could spray the apartment as well to give it a unique flavour.”

“Tabby go and spray and scratch outside, this is my territory.”

“Only because I let you have it, rent free with a tuna fish supplement and service included. Are you sure you do not want a free spray? It would really add something special to the home.”

“Tabby outside.”

“OK, just asking.”

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Notes