Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Balance


“Tabby you look quite annoyed.”

“What do you expect after the insults I was subjected to this afternoon.”

“But I thought you would like a little excursion outside, seeing other places.”

“The vet is not exactly full of new experiences. Look at me now. I have an empty right front leg.”

“Rubbish Tabby, it looks the same as ever.”

“It might look the same, but certainly doesn’t feel the same. Did you see what she did. She stuck a needle attached to a tube in my leg and drained it. All the blood has been removed from that leg.”

“But it has already replaced itself. And it is for your own good. The vet found for a 16 year old lady you should have a medical check up to see that everything is functioning well.”

“I was functioning perfectly until she drained my leg: not to mentioned my claws. I had been sharpening them nicely to fine points, and she shortens them. How am I supposed to make a scratch in my enemies, even a tree, not to mention the furniture. I am now only half a feline.”

“Tabby they will grow again.”

“What about my ears?”

“The vet said you ears are in perfect condition.”

“I could have told her that myself. She did not have to prod around inside and look with her lamp. I was just an experimental object for her. And what about the jabs in my private parts. The same embarrassing experiments every year.”

“But now it is finished for another year.”

“For a year. You mean I have to suffer again in a year. And the white cloth stripe she tied around my leg.?”

“But you removed it as soon as we arrived home.”

“Of course I did, although I was lucky. I though my leg might fall off after I removed it.”

“It was only to stop your leg bleeding. Tabby what is wrong?”

“I have to recover. I hate seeing blood, I lose my balance.”

“But you often see blood when you kill a mouse or even a bird.”

“I know, but that is not my own personal blood.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Balance

6 thoughts on “Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Balance

    • I am still shaking now after the ordeal. And to add insult to injury they said I have lost 300 grammes since my last examination. What do they expect on vitamin pellets. A nice big fish would do wonders. Dusty hang on, our day will come and we take revenge. In the meanwhle just tap your paw and keep the claws sharp.

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