Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Wanderlust


This morning I wandered to my water bowl, it was outside on the porch
It was still quite dark outside, but I did not need a torch
My eyes see everything whether in the night or day
Mrs. Human filled my bowl, my wish I did convey
This was a strenuous  wander, all my legs were feeling tired
And so I wandered to my bed, sleep was now required
Afterwards when I awoke, my tongue wandered for fur lick
I really did not feel so fresh, and needed a wakening kick
Again I put my wander paws on and walked to my food bowl
It was time to tank some energy, and food was now my goal
This was an exhausting walk, I returned to have a sleep
Another wander to my bed, I was now out on my feet
Life can be so tiring, with all the tasks and work
And now I had to examine my territory, felines on the lurk
I now collapsed onto my bed, this brings me all asunder
Tomorrow is another day, if not too tired I will  wander

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Wanderlust