Feline RDP Friday: Fish Feline

tuna fish is good for you

“What do you mean, no more tuna fish. I demand my feline rights Mrs. Human.”

“No Tabby, no more tuna fish, the vet said you must go on a diet.”

“I have the perfect figure, not an ounce of fat anywhere.”

“Tests have proved that you have lost 400 grammes.”

“We ladies like to keep our figure. What tests? You mean when the vet emptied my leg.

“She did not empty your leg, but just took a blood sample for testing and now you must be careful what you eat. She sent me some samples of new food to try.”

“You mean those strange miniature pellets in my bowl? What if I do not like them?”

“You have no choice Tabby, They will give you appetite to eat more. And now open your mouth, You must take your medicine.*

“Medicine? This is now bordering on cruelty to the feline.  I have no intention of swallowing any tablets. Look how my litter sister Nera with her favourite screen saver on her computer.”

“I know Tabby, but we all have to bring sacrifices to be healthy.  That is why the vet gave me liquid medicine that you can swallow.”

“No way Mrs. Human.”

“Then I will mix it with your food.”

“Can I make a hairball with it?”

“No Tabby there is no escape, it is good for you and your tuna fish days are over.”

“But I will suffer from withdrawal symptoms.”

“I am sure you will love you new food. There is even a sample of fresh food with no pellets.”

“You mean like tuna fish.”

“But without the fish Tabby, nice meaty pieces.”

“Looks like I have no choice, but I am a brave feline and it is a far far better thing I do now than I have ever done.”

“Do not over dramatise Tabby. It is not a death sentence, just a change in your food plan.”

Feline RDP Friday: Fish Feline

11 thoughts on “Feline RDP Friday: Fish Feline

  1. Oh dear most of us have to change our diets and take medication but Tabby your so brave you will manage what ever the humans think is best for you. Good luck my pawsome friend.x😻💜🐾

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  2. Awww, Tabby — change is always difficult, but I’m sure thie change in your food will help you feel younger and more energetic. When I was little, my mother always wanted me to try a “girl scout bite” — that was helpful, as I could get used to new things in small doses!

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  3. Tabby, you need to do what your slave tells you. I have to do what Martha tells me for some of the same reasons. My brain is showing signs of Old Dog Syndrome and my back doesn’t work exactly right. Now I have to take medicine to help me with both things. It’s working and I feel better, even though at first I was very annoyed. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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