Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Effort


“Mrs. Human, I know the vet has forbidden certain delicacies, but I do not remember him saying I had to starve.”

“But you have food in your bowl.”

“12 Pellets from yesterday, although they taste different to the other pellets.”

“They are special for your kidneys Tabby.”

“Who is kidney, do we have a new feline?”

“No, they are the parts of your body which need help.”

“I feel fine and do not need any help, especially not from pellet food, but wait, I smell a distinct scent of tuna fish in the air.”

“That is because I am preparing a plate of food for you from the vet.”

“I thought she said no tuna.”

“This is a special tuna food, especially for you.”

“You mean I am getting tuna again. Great. But what is that you are sprinkling over it?”

“That’s your medicine.”

“Just serve it straight, without medicine.”

“But you need your medicine and the vet said I can mix it with your food.”

“Just give me the food, I will try to ignore the medicine.

I must say I am beginning to like the vet if she gives me such wonderful food, but it is almost too much.”

“No problem Tabby, I will put the rest away for you tomorrow.”

“Great, my fifth life is worth living again. Did she have any other little delicacies in the Tabby health programme.”

“Yes, I have a nice big bag of special vitamin pellets for your regular food, the tuna is only for in between.”

“I knew there was a catch in it somewhere like giving with the right paw and taking again with the left. Never trust  a human, especially if it is a vet.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Effort