Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Gridiron


I am licking my lips, the food was so fine
I have a new diet for me alone to dine
Mrs. Human says it is healthy, but who can eat health
All I know it tastes of tuna, and this is a  wealth
Everything is tuna, what a wonderful world
My whiskers are enjoying it and look my tongue is curled
So up with the vet if she is giving me some fish
I must go and see her again, she fulfils my greatest wish
I am still getting pellets, but they have a finer taste
And so I am eating all, good food I should not waste
I am brave and conquer all, this new food is great
At last I have won the battle, and I do not have to wait
Mrs. Human now has realised that pellets are not my wish
So come and give me more of this new tuna fish
It comes in a paket, and not in a tin
Something very special, it really makes me grin

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Gridiron

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