Feline RDP Monday: Feline Skedaddle


I am not skedaddling anywhere, I am too tired. Have just spent half an hour washing and preparing for a sleep. On the other paw, things are changing around here. Suddenly I get a bowl of tuna fish every evening. I do not manage to eat it all at once, but Mrs. Human leaves it for me and later I eat the rest. Afterwards she gives me my vitamin pellets, but somehow they are different. They have more “oomph” that the others, are smaller and their shape is different. This has all happened since I visited the vet last week.

I am getting suspicious. Now I saw Mrs. Human on the computer placing an order for my new and wonderful tuna fish food that arrives in small packets. How did I know? Because she was complaining about the price of course. Humans always complain about the prices, but you cannot eat prices.  Anyhow I am quite happy as long as the bowl is filled. I also have a sneaking feeling that she is controlling how much I eat. She used to throw the food in the bowl and fill it up now and again, but now I have to eat it all, empty the bowl and then I get more.

Something else. She has a bottle with some sort of liquid and she sprays it on my tuna fish. I will observe the situation, it is vey suspicious. This evening I was waiting in my usual place for my share of the human food. It was only when Mr. Human and Mrs. Human eventually agreed that a little piece of ham would be OK, they gave it to me. There is no skedaddling any more, everything is carefully planned, I seem to be getting special treatment.

Feline RDP Monday: Feline Skedaddle

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