Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Hum


Felines do not hum, our songs are in meow
We do not bark like a dog, or even moo as a cow
Communications are quite easy, but humans do not understand
That is how we prefer it, our own feline wonderland
We keep ourselves to ourselves, we are quite telepathic
Humans do not know everything, that would be most tragic
Being lost in translation is a common human mistake
When we meow for food, we use meow for “steak”
They understand  tummy tickle and give us nothing to eat
But all we really want is a delicious meaty treat
If I stand before the bedroom and meow before the door
Then I am ignored, and so I meow some more
All I want is company to keep them at beck and call
But they sleep on in the night, and make me feel like a fool
The moral of this verse is to let the felines be
We can read the human thoughts and that we guarantee

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Hum