Feline RDP Wednesday: Mettlesome Feline


This is one of my active moments, note the whiskers are constantly moving as I yawn. Yawning is one of my most active moments, regenerating my energy for my next sleep. I am always in action, feline action. I have a human training programme to continue and that is hard work, but she is learning. And now to visit my recycling tray to keep her on her paws. No good that she sleeps on the job I never sleep, just close my eyes to rest them. So open the cat flap Mrs. Human, I am making an inspection tour of my territory. You see she is immediately in action reading the wishes from my whiskers. And wait for my return Mrs. Human, don’t sleep on the job. No, I do not sleep, I am ever present, a feline never sleeps.

Feline RDP Wednesday: Mettlesome Feline

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