Feline RDP Friday: Feline Baggage


I travel light, just I, me and myself
I need no baggage, my face is my wealth
My whiskers are the envy of every other cat
They adore them and find that they scare every rat
Just look at my teeth, they have crunched many a mouse
They are sharp and nicely pointed, I am the queen of my house
If I really have to carry something, I engage my human slave
She does everything for me, I trained her to be brave
And so there is no problem, she knows how to mange
She carries me on her arms, I am her favourite baggage

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Baggage

8 thoughts on “Feline RDP Friday: Feline Baggage

  1. Piper ran out the door tonight and I am just sick. My only hope is that she ran next door and, in the morning, will return with the other cats and head this way for breakfast. Tabby, please send her feline telepathy to come home!

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      • Tabby–you are so wise. Piper did come home! I was so worried because she is an indoor cat and has never been outside before. It was a long 3-1/2 hours, but I thought I heard meows at the door and when I opened it to check–she ran right inside. I was so happy. Thank you so much for the cat telepathy, Tabby. I am a confirmed believer in it.

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        • Of course she came home. I did tell her not to wander around too long outside as her human was nervous and had lost the purpose in her life. Mrs. Human was also quite worried and hoping that she would return soon.

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