Feline RDP Wednesday: Innovative Feline


Why do humans have to put tuna fish in tins?If you left them to swim it is much easier to catch them, but now it seems the tuna fish is in plastic packets. I have a new routine. Since the last memorable visit to the vet, where I was prodded and jabbed, I am getting tuna fish every evening, although I have to give Mrs. Human the look, because otherwise she forgets.

So there she is enjoying her ham and salami and whatever and there am I sitting outside the kitchen and looking in with pleading eyes that say “what about me”. Suddenly she realises that the most important person in the family is expecting the evening meal and has nothing. Humans can be so thoughtless. She gets a bad conscience as I am a poor starving feline and so she goes into action. I saw in the cupboard she has boxes full of tuna fish packets, but all sealed. Even the plastic is paw proof. So I wait patiently for my bowl to be filled. I noticed she puts something liquid onto the fish from a bottle. I must ask her what it is.

Eventually my dinner is served and now I have my own place to eat it. I must admit I do not manage all of it, but leave a rest for later. I like a midnight feast, it breaks up the monotony. Tuna fish days are now here it seems. Looks like the vet had a few words with Mrs. Human and told her that her feline should get more consideration. I heard words about special food, but of course I get special food, after all I am special.

Feline RDP Wednesday: Innovative Feline