Feline RDP Friday: Feline Canal


In my bowl there is a river, but sometimes is a sea
It flows in circles, is very cool, and all belongs to me
Sometimes it rains into the pool and then becomes an ocean
I have to dip my paw in the bowl to stop the perpetual motion
Mrs. Human fills it daily, she has her own canal
It is the tasteless tap water, which I find quite banal
Humans have no taste for water, the best flows through the land
It collects the scents of earth and trees, which makes it very grand
It it rains I wait for a puddle and drink to my hearts delight
It is so spicy with lots of flavours, and has a definite bight
My water is a precious gift, I am always wanting more
And so I take precautions  and trap it with my paw

Feline RPD Friday: Feline Canal

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